All About My People to People European Trip

If you are curious about what People to People is, it is a program that takes 6th grade and up to travel the world. And I am one of the few kids. I will be ting Paris and the Louvre, Versailles, and to London and see London Eye and Parliament.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My second meeting at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Building

 I had another meeting with Brian Cahart, but it was not at Caruso's it was at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Building! So as soon as my mom and I got there Brian told us our schedule for the day. The first thing we did is stated our name, our grade, and the school we attend. Then we went around the room to fill out the bingo paper, like we would take the card and try to figure out who had the same qualities as what the card said. It was basically a game so we could get to know each other. And the fun thing is there are only 9 people in a group, plus my delegation leader, Brian. I also learned the names of my group, Hailey, Megan, Joey, Carson, Oliver, Anne, Tori, me, and Cora who I have a LOT in common with. Then we made posters about what being an Ambassador meant to us like A was for Awesome and M was for Magical, I was pared up with Cora and Joey. After that we played a game called Jeopardy, which was a bunch of trivia questions about England and France. I was on a team with Oliver, Joey, and Anne, and the other team was Tori, Megan, Cora, and Hailey. But my team lost by 20 points.{By the way Carson was absent}then we watched a video called Sights and Sounds of France. Then we played a game where we had to walk onto the right mat so we could get to the other side. Then Brian put a big bag of chocolates in front of us and said we could have as many as we wanted. {That's one of the very many things I like about Brian, he gives us chocolate every meeting because I thinks he knows we all love it}Then we had a tour of the building it was so cool. I had a blast!

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